We live in a time where communication is everywhere – our devices communicate and share data each second while in use: cars, smartphones, home automation just to name a few. The Internet of things is increasing rapidly. More than 50 billion devices are expected in 2020: Devices of any kind broadcasting permanently while being connected to the IoT, communicating with servers and transmitting data of any kind. Sending this data in a battery- and resource-killing process back and forth is not only bringing the infrastructure to its limit. It’s also inefficient and slow. What if the data could stay in proximity and by that save time, resources and create significant revenue?
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The Proximity Internet Network & Cases


Proximal Internet — the first trial

The Proximal Internet Initiative became drives of the first-of-its kind Device-to-Device trials at Shanghai University of Technology from March through May 2016. For the first time ever, it proved the assumptions about the Proximal Internet. One of the major goals of the trials was to proof that Proximal Internet enabled transactions in proximity providing a new way to monetize.

Here’s what was achieved:

  • 180,000 interactions Device to Device in 9 weeks
  • 400 trial participants
  • $435 in proximal revenue are the proof how $$ transactions in proximity will work independent from GPS, Internet, Wifi or BLE and their range & scalability issues (imagine market places for proximity without the need of internet)
  • Smart proximity advertising: In a partnership with one of the biggest digital global advertiser D2D advertising based on matching user preferences was successfully tested.

The Vision

A direct communication which is independent from the internet is the major challenge for todays industries. Imagine a direct way of machine-to-machine data exchange, connectivity between cars and a proximate way of device-to-device communication.
For the last 4 years the initiative has been researching, engineering and pioneering technologies, apps and an ecosystem that will help to create an independent Proximal Internet. This allows devices in proximity to communicate directly, safely and efficiently with each other. is a Network and Environment for exchange, development and research.
Let’s reach the end of the internet … and go one step further!